Paved Patios for
the Buffalo, NY Area

Here in Niagara County and Erie County, enjoying nice weather while we have it is a must. Mittelsteadt Masonry can help you make the most of sunny days by building you a stunning patio. Our masonry contractors are the best in the business, so you’ll get more than a paved patio; you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space that’s been crafted to perfection with your style and home in mind.

Benefits of having a Patio

There are many benefits to having a patio. Patios are an excellent place to unwind after a hard day of work. They allow you to enjoy the weather and get a breath of fresh air. Patios are a great place to entertain guests. You can serve dinner, lunch or breakfast on your patio on a nice day. Patios also add value to your home. Please contact Mittelsteadt Masonry to learn more about our paved patios in Buffalo, NY.

Outdoor Kitchens From Our Masonry Contractor

Entertaining friends and family while grilling up dinner has never been so easy! After Mittelsteadt Masonry has installed an outdoor kitchen on your patio or as an extension of your home, you’ll love spending every summer evening eating, drinking and laughing with loved ones in the great outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen can be customized to meet your specific cooking requirements and budget. Be sure to contact our team today to access the finest masonry services.
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